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Accumulating for retirement

Clients in the accumulation stage may have competing financial demands on their cash flow including:

We help our clients balance the funding of their goals and help them make good decisions about which risks to insure and which to absorb. As your financial plan progresses, there may be opportunities to improve your tax and estate plans.  

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Retired or Approaching retirement

Clients who are retired or who will be retiring within the next 5 years would like the confidence that their money will last their lifetime.  To achieve this, clients need a financial solution that:

Clients are interested in making good decisions about their CPP, old age security (OAS), and would like their retirement income as tax efficient as possible.

Clients are also concerned about funding extra expenses, and the oversight of their finances, if they are unable to live independently as they age.  

Retirees may be interested in helping set their grandchildren up for financial success. Retired clients are often interested in estate planning and financial solutions may be interested in solutions that enhance their estate for their grandchildren, great grandchildren, or their preferred charitable cause.  

Business Owners & Incorporated Professionals

Whether you are accumulating for retirement, or already retired, business owners have some specific concerns and opportunities that should be addressed. There are many tax-advantaged investments, retirement income, and estate planning options available only to business owners.

Business owners also have significant risks to manage. The death or serious illness of a business owner or a partner will have significant financial consequences for most businesses, and having a plan to deal with an event like this in advance can significantly reduce the emotional and financial stress associated with it.

Articles for Business Owners

Please review our Investments, Insurance, and Planning pages to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

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