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Retirement Planning

Is your goal to have a financially health retirement?
 Most people don't want to worry about just having enough money to cover basic expenses.

Income & Lifestyle Goals

Our planning process will help you determine your spending needs in retirement. This will depend on your travel plans, your hobbies, age, and whether you will have debts to pay. We gather your current information:  investment holdings, real estate, pensions, or other sources of cash flow in retirement. We can then create financial projections which help you evaluate whether your current savings will provide you with enough retirement cash flow to meet your objectives;  if not, we will work with you to adjust your retirement expectations or current level of savings.  

Tax Advantages

We look for the most tax-advantaged way for you to fund your retirement. For many investors, registered accounts lmay be the best option. Business owners and incorporated professionals will frequently find that saving for retirement in a holding company is advantageous. Some high-income professionals may find that an Individual Pension Plan (IPP) is the most tax-efficient solution. There are also options for tax-free cash flow in retirement based on residential real estate or insured retirement programs. Our core investment strategies can provide you a high degree of confidence you will achieve your retirement goals.

Longevity Risk

Retirees face longevity risk - the possibility that they will live well beyond their life expectancy. As you approach retirement, or if you are already retired, we will explore with you investment solutions or other financial products to address this risk.

If meeting your income & lifestyle goals, implementing what could be significant tax advantages, and addressing longevity risk are priorities to you when planning your retirement then contact us today to schedule an introduction!

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