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Gold Inflation Hedge Strategy

Concerned about long run inflation?

Are you concerned with inflation over the long run, as governments around the world have increased their money supply or debt to battle COVID-19 or economic recessions?

At Island Choice Wealth Planners we use a Gold Inflation Hedge Strategy for investors who wish to allocate some of their wealth to gold and precious metals stocks for the long-term, with the objective of hedging against potential inflation. This is a long term buy-and-hold strategy, as we are not looking to trade in and out of gold based on a short-term outlook or to buy junior mining companies.

This strategy allocates funds to: 
  • Exchange Traded Funds that own gold or silver metal.
  • Actively managed funds that own gold equities.
If you elect for this strategy:
  • A portion of your account will be exposed to larger and more liquid gold producer stocks. We select investments which have potentially sufficient yield to pay any investment management fees.
  • The remainder of your account is invested in gold and silver metals through low-cost EFTs or Mutual Funds.
  • You should plan on holding these investments for the long-term (ten years or more).

Contact us today if you are interested in taking the next steps towards heading against inflation with gold.

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