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Articles on Investment Products

Factor Based Investing

The factors you choose depend on your investment objectives. There are a number of factors with a history of success you might be interested in: Low Volatility, Value, Momentum, Dividends, and Liquidity.Value and Momentum factors, combined, have a history of lowering volatility,and prod...

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Meeting your Investment Return Goals with More confidence

If you have modest investment return goals of 4%-8% annually, consider structured notes and factor based ETFs; tools designed to achieve your return goals with a higher degree of confidence than mutual funds or index funds.‍What is a Reasonable Rate of Return?The iShares S&P/TSX Index Fund (XIU) price ha...

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Structured Notes – Innovative Alternatives to Mutual Funds and ETFs

Do you wonder if buying and holding mutual funds and exchange traded funds is the best strategy for your portfolio? Structured notes provide an opportunity for enhanced return potential and risk reduction compared to an underl...

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Learn How Insurance
Can Help You

Starting and running your own business can be both exciting and terrifying. Every day provides opportunities, challenges, and you never know what each morning will bring.

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Insurance can be used to: 
  • Protect your business in the event of an illness, disability or injury that prevents you from working
  • Fund the purchase of a partners shares per a shareholder agreement (commonly knows as a buy/sell agreement)
  • Tax-efficiently remove funds from the corporation to fund your retirement or estate plan
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