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Articles for Business Owners & Corporations

Five Ways You Can Remove Funds from Your Corporation Tax Efficiently

In all Canadian provinces, corporations enjoy a relatively low tax rate. In fact, most business owners and incorporated professionals are better off leaving their retained earnings in a ho...

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Using your Corporation to Fund your Retirement

The best place to save for retirement and grow your wealth may be your corporation, not an RRSP or IPP. Examples below are based on 2021 personal and corporate tax rates for BC taxpayers. Does your business earn $500,000 or less? In 2021, the tax rate on corporate income below the small business deduction threshold of...

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Business Owners: What Would you do With an Extra Million Dollars?

Most incorporated professionals and business owners have never had a tax-efficient portfolio. This has cost many investors hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last 10 years or so. The federal budget of 2018 makes having a tax-efficient portfolio more important than ever. Simply, the investment income in your ho...

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Five Investing Mistakes Business Owners & Incorporated Professionals Make

Business owners pay too much tax to get money out of their corporation to fund RRSPs, IPPs, TFSAs, and even RESPs. Most business owners would be better using their cor...

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Learn How Insurance
Can Help You

Starting and running your own business can be both exciting and terrifying. Every day provides opportunities, challenges, and you never know what each morning will bring.

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Insurance can be used to: 
  • Protect your business in the event of an illness, disability or injury that prevents you from working
  • Fund the purchase of a partners shares per a shareholder agreement (commonly knows as a buy/sell agreement)
  • Tax-efficiently remove funds from the corporation to fund your retirement or estate plan
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